Pruning a butterfly bush? The butterfly bush (Buddleja) is an asset to any garden. This shrub, which comes in many varieties, such as the beautiful Buddleja Davidi, blooms with enormous flowers in late summer. For a smaller garden there are also dwarf butterfly bushes. The name was chosen because the butterfly bush is indeed frequently visited by butterflies. This considerably increases the attractiveness of this plant. Buddljeja is a perennial shrub and pruning is the best way to rejuvenate the shrub. The more young shoots there are, the more flowers the shrub will produce.

How and when to prune butterfly bush?
Do you want to prune your butterfly bush? A butterfly bush makes a big growth spurt when the temperature starts to rise. That means long shoots that grow too exuberantly to get a nice compact bush. When to prune the butterfly bush? In the month of June it is then necessary to top the bush. This is easy by cutting the tops from the shoots. This simply makes the plant sturdier and branches much more. The shrub basically blooms on every branch. Pruning keeps the shrub slightly smaller than possible. But a healthy butterfly bush can easily reach 2 meters after a few years. Without buds, they will definitely be less beautiful and grow to 2.5 to 3 meters.