Next time you come with your parents, you have to stop by

I wanted to have a special experience in Jeju Island
I recently did a Jeju island massage with my friends
I went to get it.
It’s such a famous shop, so I’m looking forward to it
I did, but more than I thought
강남안마 Thank you for keeping me cool
I sent it.

We visited Jeju Olle Health Shop
It’s near the Maison Glad Hotel
It wasn’t difficult to find the place.
People are coming to have a special experience
I was really looking forward to it because you said there are many.

There’s a sign that can be seen from far away
It wasn’t hard to find it.
Not only with friends, but also with couples and families
It’s a place I visit a lot, so we’re here too
I entered expecting it.

No matter how much I heal, I feel better
It’s a place, but COVID-19 doesn’t work
If I wasn’t, I’d rather use it
I think I was reluctant.

But it’s not just a regular quarantine
Prepare hand sanitizers on one side
I care as much as I let go
I was able to use it with confidence.

I passed the entrance on the second floor and went inside
It’s a very neat and comfortable space
I showed up.
Aroma management for foot care as well as general care,
I’m doing a lot of things like partial management
So I was looking forward to it.

It’s cheaper than I thought
It was in operation.
After consulting, we’ll find out what suits us
I chose it and it started right away.

Indoor shoes were also displayed on the other side.
Facilities for guests to use conveniently
It was good because it was well organized.

On the other side of the wall, there’s this thing
The items were displayed all the way.
It was so neat that you could use it comfortably
I was there.

There was a cabinet of clothes
You can use it.
It’s a password. Just in case
You didn’t have to.

The towels are also being managed very neatly.
I’ll do a procedure that touches your skin
That’s where I am It’s even worse for your health
I can’t help being sensitive here
You didn’t have to worry about that.

Especially since it is close to Jeju Airport
As soon as I arrived or before I boarded the plane
It was nice to hear.
We came as soon as we arrived
I used to unwind and look around tourist attractions.

When I get a massage in Jeju Island, I get a headache too
It just unravels.
So I can sort things out again
Hair spray and light cosmetics
I thought it was very sensible because it was on display.

On the other hand, the massage suit is neat and clean
I’m ready.
Ready for each size
That’s why I don’t have clothes because I’m big
You didn’t have to worry that I wasn’t.

I’ll change my clothes right away
I decided to get a massage in Jeju Island.
We asked for aroma and foot care,
For foot care, it takes an hour
It cost 40,000 won. Aroma management
It was 90,000 won for 90 minutes
It’s about two hours. It’s 120,000 won
So refer to it.

We headed to the aroma room first.
The room is being managed very neatly
I really liked it.
Pillows and blankets are prepared separately
It was convenient to use.

A full-fledged Jeju Island massage
Please come and apply acupressure all over the body
It started.
Maybe it’s because I’m weak
It hurts when I press it too hard.
I’m checking it in between. I’m checking acupressure
I was so happy because they did it for me.
Do it with the power I want
You did acupressure treatment.

It presses all over the body. It’s a professional
I knew at once that I was a man.
It feels so cool wherever I press it
It feels like my blood is going around
I was so happy.
Where do you have a lot of muscles
He also told me if they were united.

He was very kind and clean
Not only is it nice, but it’s also neat
I felt good.
I don’t know if there’s any more discomfort in the spot
You asked me every once in a while
I could feel a satisfying service.

Apply the product to your body as well
I felt like I was relieving my fatigue.
The scent of the product itself was good, but also in the bedding
The pleasant smell came up and it was healing itself.

You’re pressing your feet and you’re missing one
Thanks to your meticulous care
I had such a happy time.
It’s not that I feel sick, it’s that I feel cool
You’re pushing me to the point where I can hit you,
It felt like the blocked blood was being pierced.

You can get facial care, too. It’s very meaningful
I had a great time.
The product booster is not only nourishing but also hydrating
Maybe it’s because it fills you up
Solsol was pouring in and it was great.

You can get a full body at a very low price
I was so happy to be here.
I can’t get my foot out of here either~

The cypress barrel is filled with herb water
I was in there.
Soak your feet in here and warm your body
I could make it.

The warm water makes me feel better
I lifted it, especially the Jeju Island massage
The herb scent that I use makes me feel so good
I made it nice.
I don’t know how many times I’ve dozed off here
I loved it.

Even the last tea you gave me warmly
It smells good. It’s from mouth to nose
It’s a vicious circle, and it’s perfect for the end.

It was cooler and happier than I thought
I thought it was good to come because it was time.
It’ll be a good time to stop by when you come and go
I’m afraid so.

Next time you come with your parents, you have to stop by
I think it was a massage shop in Jeju Island~
It was a great time.

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