There’s a variety of massage.

I think it’s best to get therapy from a place with proper expertise when you need a rest. I like to relax and relax on the last day of my trip, but the Jeju massage I visited this time was a great place in many ways.

It’s called Thai Traditional 강남수안보안마 Thai Watpo and it’s also called Thai Masaji Junction.
I chose Jeju massage because of its website and professionalism, but its location was good.
It’s behind Sammu Park, and it’s just near Sun Hotel, so it’s easy to get there.

And the parking lot was right in front of us, so we were able to get in straight away.
It was a place where the wooden sign had a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
There were many large flower pots next to the unique door, which made the atmosphere even more cozy and looked fresh. Thanks to you, I felt good from the moment I entered.

When I went inside the Jeju massage, there was a huge waiting area.
The sofa was big and fluffy, so I could sit comfortably and there were many things to look around.

There were various pretty candles and aroma oil on the table.
And the sofa, table, and decorations all have a local feel, so the atmosphere is consistent and neat.

On this day, I made a reservation and went there, so I could wait comfortably for a while, even though the waiting time was not long.
I wasn’t bored because there were so many things to see.
I also liked the clean and quiet atmosphere.
It was quite big because it was an old and famous place.
There was something decorated like a small pond inside, but the stones and lotus flowers were decorated, so it felt right.
Also, Jeju massage seemed to pay attention to many parts.
When I visit a place like this, I only sit and get therapy.
There are some unfamiliar things to see, so you can come earlier and wait.

Besides, the scented candles and aroma oil we were selling were a set, and everywhere we went, we could smell something fragrant.
It looked good to buy as a gift.

Everywhere was decorated with decorations without empty spaces, and they were unusual things that were rarely seen around, so they took pictures of them.

I don’t know what this gong-shaped ornament is, but it’s amazing and pretty, so it’s memorable.
There are many unique and unfamiliar patterns, so you can enjoy another place.
After looking around for a while, I was guided and moved inside.
The hallway was full of things that made me feel like I was there.

Furthermore, I liked Jeju massage because it has a locker room inside.
I’ve been surprised a few times when I changed my clothes or when someone came in suddenly.
There were often times when my mind was anxious because it was covered only by curtains, but there was no danger of that here.

It was nice and comfortable that the locker room for women and men was clearly marked and the location was slightly off.

When I went inside, there were a lot of supplies in front of the big window, and I washed my hands.
Washbasin, cotton swabs, combs, and dryers were perfectly prepared.
Tissue’s neatly prepared, and you never know what’s valuable.
I did it because I thought it would be better to leave it at the counter.

I think Jeju massage would be perfect to stop by in the morning with toothpaste and toothbrush, and start a trip in a comfortable and good condition after finishing all the preparations here.
The space was so spacious that I could store the clothes and bags I wore comfortably.

I went to get a foot bath and there was warm water with a pretty color and a fragrant scent.
There were cushions, so I could sit down more comfortably.

The manager washed my feet first, wiped them off with a towel, and then moved, so there was nothing uncomfortable about it.
Foot baths are supposed to be good for your health, and you need to relax your feet to relieve your fatigue.
From this point on, I felt like my body was getting tired.
Besides, I think the water that I got a foot bath from Jeju massage smelled especially better.
It’s on the tip of my foot, and I can smell it from my nose. I feel good even when I’m sitting still.
The towels were very fluffy and well-washed.
It wasn’t rough, so I didn’t use it for a long time and I thought it was a good replacement.
I haven’t smelled it, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

I could get a full-fledged massage from the inside, but there were a lot of rooms.
I liked it even more because it was a place where we could get together in a private space.
I was able to lie down comfortably because the bed was big and spacious, but I was relieved because it was clean without any foreign substances.
There was nothing uncomfortable because there was a soft towel on it, and I prepared something to cover it up, so I could spend time comfortably.

Finally, Jeju massage has various massage such as Thai, aroma oil, oriental medicine, etc.
You can choose exactly what you want.
I was satisfied because the price wasn’t too high even if I had a full-body care.

There’s also a service, so it’s very cost-effective.
The staff were all kind, so I had a comfortable time both physically and mentally.

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