Your neighbors will know what I’m talking about

I think everyone’s still worried about the surge in Corona.

I hope our neighbors all know the Corona safety rules well and pay attention to their health!

You haven’t been able to massage your neighbors these days because of Corona.

It’s been a while 강남피쉬안마 since I came to get a massage

Then he kept stiffening and was worried for a while, looking for a place where he was good at massage.

Your mother’s acquaintance says she’s looking for it whenever she’s sick

I was advised to visit the massage center because I was not feeling well.

It is home to a 24-year-old director who studied in China

I made a reservation by phone and visited it because it was operated as a reservation system

The veteran director said he was doing massage therapy himself, so my faith was so strong!

And without taking a lot of people at once, take one person at a time.

It would be a relief if I was thoroughly managing Corona.

When I entered the massage centre, the friendly director was very pleased with me.

There were three clinics in the clean facility

I went to the dressing room and changed clothes!

Then I went into the treatment room and the bishop pressed me there and consulted me.

But it was so sick that it was not a good place to press.

It was a tearful pain

He said pressing a bad place hurts more than a good one.

I usually sit and work a lot, so my legs swelled and hurt after work every day

I’ve been sitting for a long time, and my posture is getting worse and worse.

So I sat in the wrong seat for a long time and worked and broke my pelvis.

He said his legs were swollen and sick because his blood circulation was not working

After the session, you started putting pressure on your entire body,

He was also a professional hand, so he had a great grasp!

It was so painful to loosen the united hard muscles, but it was so cool!

And he corrected the most problematic pelvis.

I never thought I’d hear this in my pelvis.

The pelvis has become very cool with the thunder

Unlike other massages, it can be orthodontic

I felt my twisted body unfold again!

In fact, I was told I was getting better.

And you were pressing your legs, calf, poisonous.

It’s definitely a bad place. It hurts so much.

And the same back corrections

It is a machine that releases the waist and slowly descends from the back to the waist.

I think the alleys match, whatever it is.

And the director corrected the handwriting again.

So all the pressure and corrections were completed and the massage was completed.

Since then, I felt like I was lighter!

My leg pain was really bad and I had a lot of swelling.

I went to the massage center and told my mother a good story

My mother had a shoulder that was treated

He said he has a bad shoulder again these days.

Next, I’m going to go to a massage in Gangnam with my mom

I will visit the Gangnam Health Hypertension Center

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