Unlike other parts that do not use much

The weather has recently been lifted and spring has come.

Now I want to go around a little bit outside

I heard it, but I barely move a lot of my body

I do not want to stay at home like a bear.

It’s very stiff and skinless.

I want to get better at this opportunity,

I went to massage to get a drink.

The sound body 남성전용마사지 sound skin I went to

There are stores nationwide in Bucheon Station

The famous Yeokgok Massage in Bucheon,

It’s a skin care spot.

I’m right in front of Sangdong Station

I could go without hesitating.

Of course, it is a corona city, so it has a hand cleaner

and there was a lot of people in the day

Even though they’ve been there, they’ve been

I saw a lot of them, especially pure gold

I had a lot of expectations because it is a place where Goldring Care stands out.

I’m glad to see you as soon as you’re in the store

He was right and he explained it in detail.

from the reverse curve skin care order to the massage care order

It was great to explain in detail.

I’d like to let you know for those of you

Skin care is in order of cleansing, deep cleansing,

Manual techniques, equipment management, rays, ampoules,

He told me that it will proceed in the order of modeling.

And each of the armas that are good for skin care

He explained.

a drinking order chart

He explained to me, the massage order

Handwriting, back management, neck management, handwriting thigh management,

Hand calves, Achilles tendons, Hand-to-hand care,

The abdomen and waist, the handwriting arm administration, and the abdominal heat gold ring,

Isothermal Goldring,Her thigh thermal Goldring Management,

calf heat gold ring, foot heat gold ring,

Hand warm gold ring, abdominal toxin release pack in order

It’s going on, especially in the order that’s always set

I’m not going to go on a drinking session,

Progress and it each each person customizes

It was a systemic management system, so I was very satisfied

I think everyone who comes will be satisfied.

By age, as I said it was personalized

There’s something that’s tailored to the gender

Men can easily understand and customize themselves

I’m going to need to get a good chance

I think I can get it.

I’ve been told about the massage care and I’ve been told

He showed me where I could get the care right away.

First, I’m going to need you to wear something

I changed clothes in the locker room and kept them.

the washing tool and the place capable of the washing can use

I’m gonna go get a drink before I go in

Once you get it, you use it and you get clean

I think I could feel my body and mind.

I’m in the store, and I’m gonna need a heads-up

There were a lot of explanations, but actually

I felt good about Goldring somehow.

There are many things that are effective in gold ring care

There was, I’ll summarize,

First, I’d like to discuss the skin

wrinkle is eliminated and the aging is prevented and the stain, pimple, trouble etc.

Remove it. It also improves body fat accumulation or obesity

It makes with the pretty V-line and the muscle fatigue

the effect more than the one’s gain it releases is seen

I think it’s a care thing.

I changed my clothes in the locker room and then I found

to the space in which the kind explanation gets care

I’m in, but it’s a big two-bedroom space for me to write alone

I’ve been here alone, so I’ve been

I got it. Before I came in, the staff

Warm the room and even the bed warm

I can get a little more comfortable massage by warming it up

I think I was there, and I think I’m writing this article

I still feel grateful.

There’s not just a private room, there’s a multi-room

I’m sure you’re willing to come with a colleague

I think you can enjoy it together enough.

It’s a warm space to be alone.

When it’s not a massage, you can sleep well

When I got a massage, I did not feel cold.

I’m definitely in the office, too, with the back care

I felt bad back and neck.

The expert is careful to make sure

So, you know, you can massage and notice the bad part

I was so glad you managed it right away.

I’m not drinking my knees, but the expert’s hand

I just feel like I’m not the same as a massager

I have faith and trust

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